Thursday, October 23, 2008

The flooring continues...

Well part of our living room is put back together, flooring is in up to the end of our 1/2 wall that borders the stairway. The couch is back where it goes, as is one of the bookshelves. I even got the books & accessory items back on the bookshelf, YEAH!!! Below you'll see a little bit of our progress, we even got a few more pictures & things hung this week so the walls aren't sooo bare!

This is our couch on the new flooring, I love the way this floor is turning out!

Here is our bookshelf, complete with books! It sits next to our fireplace (the bricks).

Our couch & beautiful flooring!

One of the wall hangings Hubby put up this week

Our little helper playing with the flooring spacers.

Testing out the new floors

Making sure these floors get broken in well!

We aren't sure what she is saying/asking, everytime she keeps saying exactly the same thing & using this hand gesture! LOL
Our little cougar in her First BYU T-shirt

Hubby getting a well-deserbed break after floor installation & cleanup talking with his parents with our twins waiting to talk to Grandma & Grandpa while they enjoy the living room put back together!

Treg willing to get in on the photo act, especially so grandparents can see him, he has grown a ton this year! LOL

Well we now have the first 12 feet installed, next we start on the hallway tomorrow evening which requires some creative cutting on hubby's part, after that maybe the kitchen eating area. Hopefully we will get the upstairs flooring complete this week, get the pantry framed in, & get out for a bit of Christmas shopping early Saturday, at least that is the plan as of right now. Anyone else working on your holiday shopping & planning? I am getting out my Thanksgiving planner since we are hosting all of dh's family that can come to our home this year, I'm excited, this is one of my favorite holidays, I love all the cooking & baking that goes with this time of year!

Little girl ON our pantry boxes which are sitting on the pantry wall where it will all be framed in shortly!

I think my bed is calling me, even if my little one doesn't think she needs to sleep! Of course she takes naps so she isn't in such a hurry to sleep at the end of the day. More photos tomorrow!

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