Thursday, November 21, 2013

WEEK 12 - My Holiday Planning

Next week is Thanksgiving, do you have a menu planned for Thanksgiving, have you made all your travel arrangements, what do you need to pick up for guests? Get it all arranged this week so you aren't in the stores with all the last minute shoppers, so you can relax & enjoy your holiday next week. Plan your have to buy close to the holiday items for Monday before the stores get too crazy.


WEEK 12 - All Bedrooms - Dining Space Week - Decorate:

Organize All Bedroom Closets

Organize All Bedroom Dressers

Clean Floors

ZONE 4 - Bedroom:

Make Beds (Change Sheets)

Dresser Tops Clean

Remove any remaining summer clothing

Kitchen Special Project for Thanksgiving:

Clean Countertops

Clean Appliances

Declutter Kids Toys







Set up Party Invitations for White Elephant Christmas party

Arrange for Babysitters & Grandparent Time

Prepare Gifts that are to be mailed
Set up Supplies to make jar gifts & suckers

Status check Holiday Prep & Re-evaluate as needed

Mix 9 dozen Christmas Cookies. Freeze the dough in freezer ziplocs. Label with cookie name, cooking heat, & time. Mint Chocolate Chip, thank you Ashlyn!

Bake 2 loaves of Banana Bread. Wrap & Freeze

Double a meal for dinner & freeze each week

Clean fridge thourougly, make room for leftovers
Check menu & find any serving dishes needed.

Are linens clean & ready? Unfold & verify
Work on table centerpiece

Address Christmas Cards
Assemble Turkey Poop Gifts to give out

Buy at least 2 bags of chocolate per check & other candy ingredients

Prepare small gifts to go in stockings

Set up the kids tree (?)
Buy Advent candles &/or calendar

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 11 - My Holiday Planning


Fall is HERE!!! Leaves have started changing & falling everywhere, the air is getting colder & crisp, Thanksgiving is getting closer, time to get ready for family holiday season!



WEEK 11 - Bathrooms/Laundry Room/Dining Space/Birthday Week - Get COOKING!!!
Organize Bathroom Supplies/Cabinets in Upstairs Hallway Bathroom
Organize Bathroom Supplies/Cabinets in Downstairs Bathroom
Organize Bathroom Supplies/Cabinets in Master Bathroom
Organize Laundry Area
ZONE 3 - Bathroom, Stairs, & Laundry Room
Clean Bathroom Countertops
Clean out Bathroom Drawers
Clean out Bathroom Cupboards
Clean Bathroom Appliances
Clean out Laundry Room Cupboards
Clean out Laundry Room Drawers

Planning Ahead:

Plan for Thanksgiving Day (Use Form)
Order Honey Baked Ham
Plan shopping for Big Sales
Set Table items Up Ahead of Time
Plan Holiday Parties (Adult Christmas White Elephant Exchange) (Use Forms)
Buy Angel Food Cake Mixes for Ward Party Cake

Mix 9 dozen Christmas Cookies. Freese the dough in freezer in ziploc bags. label with cookie name, cooking heat level, & time.

Bake 2 loaves of bread, wrap & freeze.
Double one meal & freeze half for the holidays.
Purchase gifts. Save all receipts, note return policy before purchasing.
Wrap & label packages. Prepare boxes for mailing.

Review & revise menus & other plans for Thanksgiving based on who will be home.
Plan table setting for Thanksgiving  
Plan centerpiece, making as much as possible now.
Purchase, clean, press any holiday linens needed.

Find Christmas mugs. Clean & set out with Hot Chocolate Station
Address 25 Christmas Cards.
Plan menu to clean freezer & fridge out to make room for holiday menu ingredients.

Buy brown rubbermaid for fall deco's
Make a trip to Wal-mart (?)


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 10 - My Holiday Plan


Time to use up the Halloween Candy & Start Planning for Thanksgiving, it's November Already!!!



Week 10 - Kitchen (Thanksgiving Prep) - Cooking Space Week - Gifts & Giving

Undecorate & Take to Storage
Organize Kitchen
Organize Pantry
Organize Fridge
Organize Freezer

To get the Meal I want it is time to start planning now! What do you want for your Thanksgiving Feast?

Gather any stray Halloween Decorations, Costume Pieces, & Dishes. Take to Storage
Update Decorations to Just Fall Theme
Clean up Kitchen Countertops, Streamline to absolute needs only
Bleach Countertops
Set up Baking Station for Holiday Season
Assemble all Dishes & Appliances needed to prepare Thanksgiving Dinner, put in 1 place
Clean Out Fridge, remove all shelves/door pieces, & scrub
Clean Out Freezer, remove all shelves/door pieces, & scrub

Better work on this list if I don't want the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Menu!


Sure it Looks fun, wouldn't impress my family though, I don't think, then again...

Planning Ahead:

I love my Christmas Cookie Magazines, some of my best recipes are from these magazines!

Organize Holiday Recipes (Use Form)

Get out Thanksgiving Planner & Use it!
Plan Thanksgiving Menu (Use Form)

Plan Holiday Baking (Use Form)
Do Freezer Inventory (Use Form)
Inventory Pantry (Use Form)
Inventory Holiday Clothing (Use Form)
Plan Potluck Meals (Use Form)
Plan Potluck meals (Use Form)
Consider Freezer Cooking, even if just meats to make quick meals

Stock up on Serasonal Staples
Change your Smoke Detector  Batteries & clean detectors

Update Family disaster Plan
Do Seasonal Safety Check
Buy containers for freezer meals, baked goods, & kitchen gifts

Plan on where to get Turkey for Thanksgiving (Check Ads)
Check Serving Plates, Glassware, & Silverware, do we need anything?

Mix 9 dozen Christmas Cookies, Freeze the dough in freezer in ziploc containers marked with cookie name, cooking heat, & time.) Pumpkin Cookies

Bake 2 loaves of orange bread, wrap & freeze
Double on meal & freeze half for the holidays. Golden Potato Bake
Put aside money for 1/3 of gifts to Buy, save receipts & get gift boxes.   
Wrap & label packages
Address 25 Christmas Cards
Shop for Christmas Clothes, do we need tights, socks, shoes, ties, hair barrettes, slips?
Purchase a frame for this year's Christmas picture. Put the picture on the mantle
Order reprints of christmas pictures

Make snowflakes for front window & door

Make Christmas Cakes
Make Holiday Gift Rubs?

Make Cocoa Mix for gifts & guests
Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa
25.6 oz box of nonfat dry milk
16oz package mini marshmallows
12oz package mini chocolate chips
3 cups powdered sugar
3 cups carnation coffee-mate nondairy creamer lite
1 1/2 cup cocoa
Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.
Directions (on bottle): 3 Tablespoons per mug of hot water or milk.

Week 9 - My Holiday Plan



Halloween is this Thursday, are you ready for trick-or-treating? Have enough candy at your house? Decorations up? Jack-o-Lanterns carved? Have all the costume pieces that you need for everyone including the accessories? Have treat bags? Glow sticks, flashlights, batteries, etc.? Make a plan for trick-or-treating! Then remember to shop the After Halloween sale on the 1st, great time to add decorations, basic costume pieces, costume makeup, etc. for half the cost.


Living Room

Family Room




Zones 5 & 1 - Living Room & Other Public Rooms Halloween Final Deco:

Clean up Living Room

Clean up Family Room

Clean up Kitchen

Clean up Bathroom

Clean up Entry

MONDAY - Remove Cabinet above Stove
TUESDAY - Install Cabinet over snack cabinet
WEDNESDAY - Install water house for fridge
THURSDAY - Clean up Kitchen

FRIDAY - Pack up Halloween Decorations & Party Supplies

 Planning Ahead:

Shop for Halloween Trick or Treat Candy

Mix 9 dozen Christmas Cookies. Freeze dough balls in freezer ziploc bags. Lable with cookie name, baking heat, & time.
Make Plans for Thanksgiving

Plan Thanksgiving Menu

Plan Christmas Photo, when, where, what to wear.


Make it a Great One!!!