Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh Yes, I do have a blog... Ooops!

For all who may be curious this is where I type from, organize, email, create scrapbooks, etc.

I cannot believe I have not posted on here for almost a month! Well it has been computer crazy time at my house, my screen decided it was time to die, literally there was no blue color left in my monitor! LOL Everything looks so cool now! I also had a video card that decided to go, a motherboard, the hard drive was trying to follow too! ACK!!!! My screen literally looked like it had very cool colored legos across the front of it, which brings me to my other electronic mishap, my digital camera decided to go too! So I did not take a photo of my interesting looking screen, instead said camera is winging it's way to the repair center via UPS, thank goodness it was about a month or so within the 2yr extended warantee so hopefully the shipping cost will be the only expense related to that mishap! Thank goodness for my dad the computer repair guru who lives just a block away & makes house calls! Below are the last few photos I was able to take before my camera just had to be sent in!

I have become a huge fan of Facebook & am on there daily, barring computer issues, or the occasional day we take off & get out of the house. I'll have to do more updating here later.

Little Girl in the Dryer!

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