Saturday, December 27, 2008

Searching for our Christmas Trees


Well we took off to look for a Christmas tree on a friend's property up on the mountain with 6 of the 7 kids. Stopped for hot chocolate & breakfast items, donnettes, etc. and we were off to the mountains! It was gorgeous, difficult to get some shots with so much sunshine & white powder everywhere. Some of the snow was up to my knees so poor smaller people in the family had snow waist high that they were trudging through. Annelyse has decided that she loves the snow! She is very big on making & especially throwing snowballs! I think she got my camera at one point, ACK! Overall it was a really nice day to go up, with the sun out it wasn't tooo freezing cold & it was a fairly safe day to go up with a bunch of kids. They had a ball choosing our trees & helping to cut them down. A few are camera shy, so I told them if they hid their faces I was still going to post their photos! LOL Enjoy our Christmas music along with our photos!

Merry Christmas!

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