Saturday, December 27, 2008

Well I was home alone with 3 little girls to get ready & go to the light parade since hubby was involved with the Chamber of Commerce float & making sure the Comfort Inn float had a driver, etc. We ran over to our concession stand to pick up a dispensing thermos for hot chocolate, boiled some water, mixed in several packets of hot chocolate & put it in the dispensor. Packed a bag with cups, lids, marshmallows, & some cookies so we'd have a treat & something to keep us warm. Then bundled everyone up in their thermals, warm clothes, coats, mittens/gloves, scarves, & a few blankets , de-iced the van & ran out the door to get a good place at the parade. Of course about 2 minutes out the door Annelyse fell asleep so we put her in her stroller when we got there & covered her as well as we could, it snowed the entire time we were watching the parade, it was cold but a lot of fun! It is afterall an annual tradition & we had hot chocolate to warm us up as we watched. Ashlyn insisted that when we got home she was going to have a bath to warm up, & she did! Annelyse I think decided we were nuts as she woke up outside in the freezing snow part way through the parade! LOL She's probably right! ;-) Oh well, it was fun & that's what matters. It looks like a White Christmas alright!

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