Monday, September 9, 2013

Not Even Going to Discuss How Long It's Been.... UGH!

I had a bit of inspiration today to help me follow my Christmas Notebook Plan better than I have in previous years. For those who are not aware I am a major planner when it comes to events, especially holidays. As my children know I love to be involved in their class parties, which they are usually thrilled about, especially when I am in charge of the party. No art projects where they have to put everything in a a specific spot (aka Adult Art Projects), Bingo is not mandatory (we've played it a few times but if there is no interest it isn't a must), we have awesome treats without totally overloading on sugar, & we do a lot in smaller groups so it's easier for 1 parent to take each group & really enjoy the time with the kids. Creativity is SUPER in my book so the more we give them chances to create something with their own ideas thrown into the mix, the better & the more FUN!!!

Anyway the idea is to post what I need to do each week for my Holiday Planning & of course with my work week getting moved around a bit & we traveled over this last weekend I forgot to pull out my notebook for week one, LAST WEEK! UGH!!! I had it out in July making sure I had everything printed that I would need & the dates changed, etc. I looked at the pre-planning weeks in August & did a bit here & there so I thought for sure on Sept 1st I'd be ready to go, Haha!

Luckily week one is usually about printing & getting the entrance of my home clean, not super time consuming stuff so I am going to post it as it's own week & week two seperately, however I will work on them at the same time this week. Good thing one of my main jobs projects are light on the gaming projects this week so I should have some time even with the extra jobs I have picked up, love when those extra companies have some work in Richfield! So my next post will be week one, followed immediately by week two. Feel free to ask me questions to see if I am keeping up with my goals for my holiday planning & to ask what in the heck I'm talking about if you like! :-D 

I love the holiday season &being organized  prepared ahead of time makes it so much easier to enjoy the moment as it happens. Well for me 'Tis the Season so let's get cracking!!!

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