Friday, September 27, 2013

WEEK 5 - My Holiday Planning

Time to get the public/common areas of the house spruced up!

Week 5Living Room/Stairs/Entry/Halls/Family RoomHouse Room Week:



Living Room



Upstairs Hall

Downstairs Hall

Family Room

Zone 5 & 1 – Living Room/Stairs/Halls/Family Room:

Reorganize Cabinet Space in Bookshelves

Reorganize Books on Bookshelves
Scrub Entry Room Floor
Reorganize Linen Closet Drawers

Reorganize Family Room Shelving

Reorganize Bookshelf by Food Storage Room



Plan Holiday Décor (Form)

Inventory Holiday Decorations (Form)

Décor Declutter (Storage Form)

Decorate for Fall

Schedule Houseguests & visits with family!

Schedule any houseguest stays/family visits

Make guest “pamper basket”

Hold Scheduling Session

Type Recipes in Cookbook

Check Back to School Clearance for Craft Supplies

Decide on Halloween Costumes

Going somewhere for the holidays?

Plan Family Advent Celebrations

Double one meal and freeze half for the holidays.

Set up Christmas gift-wrapping center.

Divide Budget List in 1/3 to BUY gifts & supplies & time to buy.

Create an Email Christmas Card List

Purchase Address Labels for Christmas Cards

Purchase Christmas Cards Qty _____

Purchase Christmas Stamps Qty _____

Print Address Labels

Put labels on envelopes

Begin signing Christmas Cards & File to add photos, etc.

Time to pick Holiday Letterhead!

Purchase Christmas Letter Paper

Write Family Christmas Letter

Print Family Christmas Letter

Wrap and label packages. Get shipping boxes if needed.

Sign Christmas Cards.

Pick apples at (?) to bottle.

Plan Mom Pampering Session(s)

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