Sunday, October 20, 2013

WEEK 8 - Holiday Planning



Time to get ready for Halloween, are you having any parties? One for Adults, Teenagers, or Kids? I have a 1st grader that is planning on a party & Middle Schooler also, waiting to hear on the High Schoolers still. Thinking this weekend is good, Friday after school sometime for the youngest, Friday evening  so Saturday for the High Schoolers? Gotta make invitations, & plan a menu!

Holiday Planning- Week 8-Family Spaces- Week 1 Get Organized


Annelyse's Bedroom

Ashlyn's Bedroom

Aspen's Bedroom

Avery's Bedroom

Katelyn's Bedroom


Reorganize Closets

Clean Off Tops of Dressers

Reorganize Dresser Drawers

Clean Under Beds

Clean Carpets


TUESDAY - Plan Halloween Party Foods


THURSDAY - Print Invitations

FRIDAY - Halloween Parties 2:30PM & 7PM


Decorate for Halloween & Bake up some fun!

Check Holiday Music Collection

Get Out Holiday Movies

Mix 9 Dozen Christmas Cookies. Freeze Dough in Freezer Bags Peppermint White Chocolate Chip 

Make 2 Loaves of Blueberry Bread. Wrap & Freeze.

Double one meal & freeze half for the holidays. Taco Meat

Print Halloween Party Invitations
Freeze Hand Ice Cubes
Purchase Halloween Party Food & Supplies
Bake Halloween Cupcakes for Party
Make Halloween Party Treats

Wrap & Label Packages. Get Shipping Boxes if Needed

Finish Christmas Letter

Make Copies of Christmas Letter

This is the labels for Pumpkin Poop from the site

Check & List Candy for This Years Poop Gifts, Finish Purchasing 

Halloween          Pumpkin          Candy Corn or Mini-                                                      Pumpkins
Thanksgiving     Turkey             Raisinets, Reese's
                                                      Pieces, Malt Balls,
                                                      Milk Duds

Christmas            Reindeer        Junior Mints,
                                                     Malt Balls, Milk Duds,

                              Snowman       White Chocolate
                                                      Covered Candy,

Valentine's          Cupid              Something Red,
                                                      Hershey Kisses

St. Patrick's       Leprechaun    Jr. Mints,
                                                     Gold Coins,
                                                     Something Green

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