Monday, October 7, 2013

WEEK 6 - My Holiday Plan List

If I'm going to do this I should do...ALL of the below!

WEEK 6 – Kitchen, Pantry, & Freezer – Wardrobe Week:


Organize Kitchen

Organize Pantry

Organize Fridge

Organize Freezer



Clean up Countertops

Bleach Countertops

Clean up shelves inside of Food Storage

Clean up shelves inside of Fridge

Clean up shelves inside of Freezer


Remove out of Season Clothing

Inventory Holiday Clothing (Form)

Re-evaluate Laundry Center for efficiency 

Begin Catalog/Internet Shopping (Form)

Mix 9 dozen Christmas cookies. Freeze the dough in freezer in Ziploc containers.  Label with cookie name & book it is from.  Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Bake 2 loaves of banana bread. Wrap and freeze.

Double one meal and freeze half for the holidays.

Buy 1/3 of TO BUY gifts. Save receipts. Ask for gift boxes.

Wrap and label packages. Get shipping boxes if needed.

Begin designing Christmas letter.

Plan decorating for living room. 

Plan a holiday craft day for the girls.

Choose a project. 
Choose a date.  

Scrapbook Day (Sunday).

List needed supplies.

Purchase Halloween Costumes

Purchase Orange & Black Container(s) for Halloween Storage

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