Sunday, December 1, 2013

WEEK 13 - My Holiday Plan


Happy Thanksgiving, it's here this week on Thursday the 28th! Monday is the best day to pick up anything you really need to be fresh for Thursday, Tuesday at the very latest! The closer you get to Thanksgiving day the crazier it gets in the stores & the less you have to pick from. Also get your turkey out & defrost it, it is never fun to do the turkey defrost in the sink, a tub, & don't use a hot tub, yes I've heard of people doing this! I brine my turkey for 24 hours so it has to be defrosted by Wednesday morning at the latest to work for my timeframe.


WEEK 13 - Living Room, Family Room - Entry Space Week - CELEBRATE!

Straighten up Living Room

Straighten up Family Room

Clean the Entry

Zone 5  – Living Room & Family Room:

Remove ALL Clutter

Mon –

Tues –

Weds –

Thurs –

Fri –

Set up Party Invitations & Send

Begin Changing Decorations Over from Fall to Winter (Forms)

Arrange for Babysitters & Grandparent Time

Prepare Gifts that are to be mailed

Set up Supplies to make jar gifts & suckers

Status Check Holiday Prep & Re-evaluate as needed

Planning Ahead:

RETHINK IT: If homemade gifts are not done, put them away after Thanksgiving
      weekend. Buy something instead.

Get everything out for Thanksgiving Dinner and prepare everything that can be       done ahead of time. Make sure enough dishes are available.

TUESDAY: Pop corn for popcorn strings. It strings more easily if it is stale.

WEDNESDAY: Take care of any last minute holiday dinner shopping.


FRIDAY EVENING: Assemble Turkey Casserole

FRIDAY:Wash holiday linens

FRIDAY: Kids make the Christmas chain.

SATURDAY: Decorate the kitchen.

SATURDAY: Decorate the staircase and front hall.

Wrap Christmas story books

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