Thursday, November 21, 2013

WEEK 12 - My Holiday Planning

Next week is Thanksgiving, do you have a menu planned for Thanksgiving, have you made all your travel arrangements, what do you need to pick up for guests? Get it all arranged this week so you aren't in the stores with all the last minute shoppers, so you can relax & enjoy your holiday next week. Plan your have to buy close to the holiday items for Monday before the stores get too crazy.


WEEK 12 - All Bedrooms - Dining Space Week - Decorate:

Organize All Bedroom Closets

Organize All Bedroom Dressers

Clean Floors

ZONE 4 - Bedroom:

Make Beds (Change Sheets)

Dresser Tops Clean

Remove any remaining summer clothing

Kitchen Special Project for Thanksgiving:

Clean Countertops

Clean Appliances

Declutter Kids Toys







Set up Party Invitations for White Elephant Christmas party

Arrange for Babysitters & Grandparent Time

Prepare Gifts that are to be mailed
Set up Supplies to make jar gifts & suckers

Status check Holiday Prep & Re-evaluate as needed

Mix 9 dozen Christmas Cookies. Freeze the dough in freezer ziplocs. Label with cookie name, cooking heat, & time. Mint Chocolate Chip, thank you Ashlyn!

Bake 2 loaves of Banana Bread. Wrap & Freeze

Double a meal for dinner & freeze each week

Clean fridge thourougly, make room for leftovers
Check menu & find any serving dishes needed.

Are linens clean & ready? Unfold & verify
Work on table centerpiece

Address Christmas Cards
Assemble Turkey Poop Gifts to give out

Buy at least 2 bags of chocolate per check & other candy ingredients

Prepare small gifts to go in stockings

Set up the kids tree (?)
Buy Advent candles &/or calendar

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