Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Annelyse the Birthday Girl! Age 2!

Annelyse enjoying her cake & ice cream!

That is our little birthday girl, having a great time on her birthday! She turned 2 on Nov 12th, the same night we had to get the house ready for new carpet in 5 bedrooms that was arriving the next morning. Inbetween removing furniture from all 5 rooms to the living room upstairs & into the family room downstairs, removing the carpet, padding & then cleaning up the remaining ICK that was hovering below! Let's just say photos would be a great advertisement for either getting people to put in hard floors or to take off their shoes in their homes & consider having no indoor pets! YIKES!!!

Thankfully stopping to eat dinner with her family, havinge cake & ice cream, and opening a present was an awesome birthday for this little 2 year old! That and running around the house all day with her gift bag of clothes from her Nana & Papa, it went everywhere we went, all day long! LOL
The Cake, yes I made it, cherry chip with cherry icing, YUM!

Licking the cake was a favorite activity!

More punch please!
Playing with my brother, or tryng to escape?

Laughing with my biggest brother!

Opening my present, "Puppy" Pluto, he barks, walks, & wags his tail!

Playing with my new puppy, I love him!

The sweet little birthday girl, having fun while big siste Katie gets in on the action!

Our little sweetheart, getting tired?

Helpng clean up the floor in her room, I'm ready for new carpet!

Do we get to go to bed now? Great I'll sleep in sister Ashlyn's bed tonight!

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