Monday, November 10, 2008

More Construction

Come On In!
Our little greeter every time the doorbell rings; "I get it, I get it!"
That is Annelyse, 2 years old today; although her Daddy is trying to convince her to stay 1 and he'll still buy her presents! LOL She says: "Otay", anything is fine with her if it's for her dad. been busy again at our house, as usual. After Halloween was all said & done on Saturday morning, November 1st Jordan started framing our pantry (and the wall that my desk would eventually be built along, YEAH!!!!). He had a little helper who liked using the hammer, not sure how much good she actually did but she did have her Daddy smiling! He'd hammer something & then she would mimic him.

Jordan framing in the pantry, remember the pictures of a little girl sitting in front of a large pile of boxes? Our makeshift pantry of numbered & inventoried boxes is there behind him where shelves will go!

Here is the little helper at work during the framing & after the wallboard had gone up.

First the wall going up, then the start of pantry shelves, YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!!

The finished project!

Actually we have more shelves planned, this is how far we have it so that the desk project could begin. We started unloading the boxes onto these 2' deep shelves & found that there was good news & bad news. We will have to put up the back shelves & 1' deep shelves on the other side of the room sooner than we expected, on the other hand the good news is we have more food than we thought with a family of 9 that is GREAT news! The other great news is that about 53 boxes have been unpacked thanks to this project, YEAH!!!!!!!!

Next it was time to start on my desk, I am so thrilled because an organized desk means my brain functions better. I'm one of those people who really needs to have access to my computer, filing cabinets, sorters, etc. I also need to do something like scrapbook periodically to create something & de-stress. Of course at this time of year I want to get to my holiday planner and set up my menus and things so a desk is crucial to my functioning well. This time my office has been planned from the start & I am going to have a great layout where all my things are in one place instead of across the room here & there, Jordan has been planning this for a while & I am excited! I didn't get many construction pictures this time, I was busy painting desktop & shelving, but here are some photos.

The right side of my L-shaped desk, there will be shelves on this wall hopefully by the end of the week so I can finish unpacking in he family room & it can stop being box central, YEAH!!!!

The left side of my desk, we decided we will add one more 1/2 shelf here & move all the disks & things I use more often within reach when I am sitting at my desk. As usual our little one is right there part of the action, & wanting to climb the desk.

A shot with the center of the desk, my computer tower is up where small fingers hopefully will not be turning my power off while I am in the middle of a task! (Yes she has done that!)

I have now unpacked all of my files, all my holiday planners yes I have one for all the fall holidays with 19 weeks in it & then the details for Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas each have their own separate binders. There is one for all of my holiday recipes, then one for each; Valentines, St. Patrick's (Yes Debbie, really! LOL), Easter, & the 4th & 24th of July (those 2 are together!). Those are most of the binders on the top shelf, along with my home control journal, my blank organizational forms, & a few organizational reference books. I also have my mailing center on the top shelf, which makes finding an envelope, stamp, birthday card, etc. much easier to do on a moments notice. The family home evening supplies have moved to my shelving also hopefully that will making planning our Monday nights a little easier, at least I will see the box each day & be reminded! As I get my other shelves up some of this may move around a little, we'll see how it goes. Right now I'm just glad to have 12 more boxes unpacked & things that I need accessible! THANK YOU to my wonderful & talented husband, Jordan!

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