Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're in the army, oops the National Guard now!
Well everybody knows the saying we're in the army now, our oldest boy has opted to join the armed forces with the local National Guard here in Richfield. We went over Tuesday evening with most of the kids in tow to see Drakkar sworn in to the National Guard. He's talked about this for years. In fact it is the most consistent thing he has wanted as long as my dh can remember so we signed a few months ago to give him parental permission, right after he turned 17. This week he had his physical & took a major step toward adulthood, making a long-term commitment, I hope it gives him the boost in life that he needs to usher in adulthood, we all seem to have something that helps us do that; leaving home, going to college, getting married, his path choice is to be one of the brave souls that is willing to fight for the freedom we all enjoy here in the USA!

Video of Swearing in to the unit

This is the video of the ceremony, I did it on my digital camera as the camcorder is still packed, I think, anyway I don't know where it is, you may need to turn your speaker volume up to hear everything.

Signing the paperwork, and the smile after it was all said & done.

Shaking the officer's hand welcome to the guard!

After all the nervousness before hand I great big smile of accomplishment!

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