Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 11 - My Holiday Planning


Fall is HERE!!! Leaves have started changing & falling everywhere, the air is getting colder & crisp, Thanksgiving is getting closer, time to get ready for family holiday season!



WEEK 11 - Bathrooms/Laundry Room/Dining Space/Birthday Week - Get COOKING!!!
Organize Bathroom Supplies/Cabinets in Upstairs Hallway Bathroom
Organize Bathroom Supplies/Cabinets in Downstairs Bathroom
Organize Bathroom Supplies/Cabinets in Master Bathroom
Organize Laundry Area
ZONE 3 - Bathroom, Stairs, & Laundry Room
Clean Bathroom Countertops
Clean out Bathroom Drawers
Clean out Bathroom Cupboards
Clean Bathroom Appliances
Clean out Laundry Room Cupboards
Clean out Laundry Room Drawers

Planning Ahead:

Plan for Thanksgiving Day (Use Form)
Order Honey Baked Ham
Plan shopping for Big Sales
Set Table items Up Ahead of Time
Plan Holiday Parties (Adult Christmas White Elephant Exchange) (Use Forms)
Buy Angel Food Cake Mixes for Ward Party Cake

Mix 9 dozen Christmas Cookies. Freese the dough in freezer in ziploc bags. label with cookie name, cooking heat level, & time.

Bake 2 loaves of bread, wrap & freeze.
Double one meal & freeze half for the holidays.
Purchase gifts. Save all receipts, note return policy before purchasing.
Wrap & label packages. Prepare boxes for mailing.

Review & revise menus & other plans for Thanksgiving based on who will be home.
Plan table setting for Thanksgiving  
Plan centerpiece, making as much as possible now.
Purchase, clean, press any holiday linens needed.

Find Christmas mugs. Clean & set out with Hot Chocolate Station
Address 25 Christmas Cards.
Plan menu to clean freezer & fridge out to make room for holiday menu ingredients.

Buy brown rubbermaid for fall deco's
Make a trip to Wal-mart (?)


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